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Our products have been developed to meet specific business requirements:

Knowledge Audit

The founders of our business have a long history in the training and education sector, and over the years we have built several bespoke learning management systems and many hours of e-learning content. So we're pretty confident that we know what we're talking about.

We created Knowledge Audit to address the inherent shortfalls of learning management systems and user learning activities with the aims of improving knowledge across the enterprise while saving businesses time and money. Our on-demand enterprise knowledge audit solutions can also benefit businesses in other key areas, such as recruitment and sales force effectiveness.

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Mobile Register

When we were presented with an opportunity to build a commerical product to mobilise the capture of student attendance we took it. Having invested nearly two years working with colleges to build and evolve the first release of Mobile Register we are pretty proud of our achievements. Mobile Register is now proven in its ability to save colleges time and money by digitising the capture of student attendance data by the tutors in the classroom. Or for that matter, since the system can work on mobile devices such as PDAs, tutors can record attendance wherever the teaching activity is taking place.

The key objectives met by Mobile Register now enable adopting colleges to digitally capture student attendance and remove the associated costs of processing paper-based records. Colleges meet the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) payment deadlines; intelligently monitor and track student attendance patterns; engage timely measures to reduce absenteeism; and free the time of administrative staff to fulfil alternate college support roles.

We continue to invest and improve Mobile Register; in fact we are currently working on the next release which will offer significant improvements and new functionality.

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We all know that as good as mobile networks are there are times when a good signal or network connection is not always available. This is why our data collection systems are designed to work with or without a network connection.
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