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Mobile Register is a comprehensive technology solution for recording and monitoring student attendance which can operate cost-effectively on a variety of PDA devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Mobile Register integrates with existing student record database systems. Digitising the capture of attendance data removes the cost of processing paper-based student attendance records and allows data entry staff to be recast into more valuable support roles.

High quality attendance data is captured by tutors in the classroom which can be available within seconds to enable instant monitor reporting and to permit colleges to consistently meet EMA deadlines. Moreover, Mobile Register can help to improve student retention by creating or enhancing existing attendance monitoring practices and relaying issues to the tutor who is often best placed to deal with them.

The open architecture technology and devices used by Mobile Register can also be used to deliver existing and future IT investments thereby increasing the ROI in other project areas. Using the base mobile software underlying Mobile Register, colleges can also extend other college applications to mobile users such as the college staff intranet.

Mobile Register highlights:

  • Removes the cost of processing paper-based records
  • Provides accurate up-to-date records and reporting withing seconds
  • Integrates with existing student record database systems
  • Empowers staff to concentrate on tasks that add most value
  • Operates on PDAs, laptops, tablets and desktop computers
  • Provides real-time absenteeism tracking

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