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On-Demand Enterprise Knowledge Audit Solutions

In your enterprise how do you know who knows their stuff, and who does not? Which sales managers know all about your products, and which do not? Can you practically test interviewees to find which really have the required experience? Do all your employees really understand compliance? How do you know if the expensive training courses are really worth the investment?

Knowledge Audit is an on-demand assessment solution that empowers you to create and deliver your own knowledge auditing events across your entire enterprise. Whether your need is to perform workforce intelligence analysis throughout the enterprise, or to measure product knowledge in your sales force, or to analyse knowledge retention of training activities in an individual employee, or to test knowledge retention over a period of time, Knowledge Audit can help.

As an on-demand service there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade and it eliminates hidden costs associated with alternate competitive or in-house solutions.

Knowledge Audit highlights:

  • On-demand knowledge event solution.
  • Secure real-time knowledge events run from our server infrastructure.
  • Flexible enterprise administration of your Knowledge Audit account.
  • Create events with simple creation tools and configurable question templates, including likert, multiple-choice (single), multiple-choice (multiple), multiple-choice (fixed), ranking, true-false, attitude, distribution, short answer and more question styles.
  • Straight forward user management allows you to individually create users, batch import users, and activate self registration mode for your users which includes setting your own specified required field criteria and validation methods.
  • Setup user groups for convenient user management; your users can have membership to multiple groups.
  • Create and manage unlimited knowledge events.
  • Multiple question pools allow you to group specific audit objectives within a single event.
  • Configurable event management allows you to choose how questions are presented to your users; from basic random or ordered display, through to priority presentation of previously incorrect answered questions in repeated attempts of a knowledge event.
  • Full control to schedule your users and user groups onto knowledge events, with configurable settings that including event duration, maximum attempts, and available until passed. You can schedule a single user or an entire user group in a single simple process.
  • Comprehensive reporting and trend analysis of user and event performance is the power and purpose of Knowledge Audit.
  • Self contained user forum and help desk for your users.
  • Full support system including account help desk for your administrators to communicate direct with dedicated Knowledge Audit support engineers.
  • Simple commerical options offer maximum flexibility and value.

Our aim is to ensure that Knowledge Audit is the best-in-class solution. The Knowledge Audit user commercial model includes everything you will need to successfully audit your workforce's knowledge. There is a once-only charge for the account setup and we can optionally offer solution training which you can purchase by the day.

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Partner Programs

We're establishing a partner network of leading companies to help Knowledge Audit adopters to maximise their investment. We believe involving business partners who offer additional value will ensure each new customer has the opportunity to hit the ground running and optimise their return on investment. When you become a Knowlegde Audit partner we'll equip you with the expertise to market, configure, and implement Knowledge Audit solutions.

We're currently developing the following partner programs:

Referral & Sales: We are looking for individuals or businesses that are capable of directly selling or establishing sales leads for Knowledge Audit. We will pay referral fees for successful sales leads for Knowledge Audit.

Training: Our training partners are approved to provide training solutions to Knowledge Audit customers.

Value-Added Resellers: The VAR partner programme supports businesses which currently offer training services or management consultancy to customers and want to extend their existing portfolio with Knowledge Audit.

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