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iCaptureData is our managed data capture service for collecting and processing business data. We help businesses meet their data capture requirements allowing data to flow seamlessly from point-of-capture direct to the right business systems. Using flexible deployment strategies business data arrives at the designated delivery points in a timely fashion.

iCaptureData sample
iCaptureData sample

When your business needs to capture data from sales and marketing campaigns, market research activity, experiential marketing, live events, task inspections, surveys, or in fact any situation where data needs to be collected and processed quickly, then iCaptureData is the only proven solution.

Our iCaptureData system is available in a range options; including short-term rental to long-term subscriptions, managed or unmanaged service, and with or without hardware.

Each iCaptureData system includes the necessary software and tools to operate a successful data capture project. We can supply preconfigured portable devices ready-to-go or just the device software which can be installed to a range of portable hardware devices including PDAs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks or laptops.

The solution includes access to our secure online management tools which enable you to maintain total control of your data capture projects. A straight forward interface makes it simple to setup and build new data capture projects, including making those last minute changes before or even during a live event. It is possible to view, track and analyse data and event performance in real-time as information is uploaded from the field to our own secure data centre servers. All collected data can be downloaded to your desktop in one of several industry standard file formats, and we can offer a variety of options to automatically process your collected data including direct integration into existing client-managed CRM systems or other enterprise databases.

iCaptureData supports a variety of data communication options for uploading collected data from the field (depending on the device hardware being used) including the use of mobile data networks and wireless networks. We all know that, as good as data networks are, there are times when a mobile network signal or Wi-Fi network connection is not always available when you want it, which is why iCaptureData is designed to work as effectively with or without a network connection, unlike some competitor systems. And this includes full operation of our quick address entry tool with integrated postcode lookup while in a disconnected network state.

iCaptureData sample

iCaptureData highlights:

  • Fast delivery of data records for timely processing compared with paper-based data capture
  • Eliminate re-keying of data and avoid introducing typo errors
  • Data validated in real-time to ensure high quality collection which elimiates rejects
  • Real-time review and analysis of collected data
  • Robust security
  • Fast deployment and modification of data capture projects
  • Works in connected or disconnected network environments
  • Business systems integration
  • Versatile agnostic data capture client software
  • Dynamic multi-language support
  • Supplementary data processing and participant contact management

This is why our iCaptureData system has been chosen by many leading international and national sales and marketing companies.

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