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Our mobility solutions empower you to deliver your business applications direct to your workforce.

Module Solutions believe a common blueprint of today's business applications are the need to input, process, store, and access data from anywhere, at anytime and from any device. We have proven ability in the quality development of high-end client-server applications and robust enterprise applications.

Module Solutions has created mobile data capture applications for customers who needed robust technology solutions capable of digitising data from field-based operations. Our deployed solutions use a variety of portable devices into which data is recorded by the customers own employees and include functionality such as address verification, nearest point of interest lookup, and signature capture. Data collected is uploaded from the portable devices to our secure servers within moments of capture and all data is forwarded into our clients' own data systems for further processing.

Our mobile data capture applications have been sucessfully employed by customers for several years to meet their field based data capture needs. We continue to support, maintain and refine their systems to meet their evolving needs which offers the best return on their investments.

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